1st December 2014 - 31st December 2014
1st December 2014 - 17th January 2015
19th December 2014 - 17th January 2015
Reuben Colley : NRG
The Armada
Reuben Colley : The Armada
Chic - Good Times
Horace Panter : Chic - Good Times
Wicklow Recall 2
James Byrne : Wicklow Recall 2
Boy on a Diving Board
Annette Pugh : Boy on a Diving Board
Red Star
Mark Godwin : Red Star
Agent Provocateur
Tony Karpinski : Agent Provocateur
Indian Ladies
Tony Karpinski : Indian Ladies
Birmingham Library Night (SOLD)
Rick Garland : Birmingham Library Night (SOLD)
The Mailbox Night (SOLD)
Rick Garland : The Mailbox Night (SOLD)
The Southpaw Kid (SOLD)
Danny Howes : The Southpaw Kid (SOLD)